Data Centre Design

Ascenix was meticulous in engineering, designing, laying out and choosing the materials and equipment for the Data Centre (DC). This attention to detail promises you peace of mind knowing that Ascenix went the extra mile with no compromise for your business critical needs.
Here are some of the little known facts of the setup at Ascenix:
  • Highly perforated doors for the secured server racks
  • Raised flooring for air-conditioning and circulation
  • Cable trunking above the racks and not inside the raised floor
  • Mains power drops from the ceiling along with network connectivity
  • High-volume air perforated floor tiles
  • Isolated grounding for telco equipment
  • Back-to-back facing racks to ensure all equipment receives properly cooled airflow
Ascenix’s infrastructure uses some of the best support equipment for Fire Suppression, Standby UPS and Air Conditioning.
Online UPS
FM200 Protection System 
Precision cooling with hot and cold isle containtment 
High perforated server rack door for maximum efficiency in cooling
Ascenix has projected and planned for growth with its equipment and design choices. It has ensured there is enough capacity and self-reliance in the event of a long power outage. The building’s incoming wiring was upgraded to handle 1,000-amperes. There is dedicated diesel electric generator with room for an additional generator. The latter is to cater to a second wing expansion. The expansion also ensure that should your needs grow you do not need to worry about relocating in the event our premises has no additional server capacity.
1000 Ampere Main Switch Board
Main Switch Board room
Cable tray installation above server racks

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